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E-M:/ Rural Counties try to change with times, Residents fight .....

I note these general zoning comments as relevant to our Natural Rivers Act.  As I sit on my NRAct zoning review board I hear these comments all the time.
Rural counties that never had to grapple with much growth are turning to zoning laws to set boundaries and make their communities attractive to newcomers and established residents. Supporters offer a stack of reasons, especially public health and safety.
Zoning is an awkward word, creating images of a by-the-book bureaucrat who sits behind a desk at City Hall and decides what goes where. But the goal is to establish order, based on public input and the features of each community.
"Lake County is famous for hunting," he said. "We have people bringing in 40-year-old trailers that didn't meet any code at all. ...Trash and blight are a main concern."