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Re: E-M:/ Sen. Joe Mack -- Dead at 85

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<< Or how about his famous remark about backpackers from downstate:  "They 
come here with a pair of jeans and a twenty-dollar bill and don't change either 
one of 'em."  (That could have been Dom Jacobetti  - I can't remember.) >>

It was Joe Mack, but the dollar amount is wrong.  He actually said a "$5 bill 
in their pocket," if I remember right.  It was the 1970s and a dollar was 
worth more then.  It probably would translate to a $20 these days.

The first public hearing I ever testified at was in front of the Conservation 
Committee on a pendind Land Use bill.   Mack was the chair of that committee. 
 Mack went on the warpath holding hearings at various venues within the 
sponoring Sentor's district to try and discredit him.  Nobody else on the committee 
would participate.  So there was a whole committee table set up and only Sen. 
Mack was holding court.   When I testified he spoke as much as I did 
interupting me about every third word to tell me that I was a communist or socialist 
or some other diatribe.  When i was treated to a scolding from a member of the 
Natural Resources Commision when i testified on the upcoming dove hunt, I told 
those that told me I was treated unfairly, that I agreed, but that it was 
nothing compared to testifying in front of Sen. Joe Mack.  In fact Alex and I 
can't remember the other staffer of the Michigan Student Environmental 
Confederation persuaded me to testify.  Nothing like cutting your teeth on the worst 
possible scenario.  The upside was that having testified in front of Sen. Joe 
Mack, I knew that any other hearing I testified at would be a piece of cake by 

I think you are right that Sen. Mack was also on appropriations (due to 
seniority I think) and did a lot of damage to environmental legislation and budgets 
there as well.   The amazing thing is that Democrats let him get away with it 
all.  It was they who gave him the Coservation chairmanship!  At that time it 
seemed that Republican control of the Senate might be a good move for the 
environment, because it would put Mack out of power.
Jim Bull

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