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E-M:/ Re: Earth Day at 35

Enviro-Mich message from Alan Stamm <astamm@smz.com>

Thanks (sort of!) for launching this day, Keith, with a bittersweet reminder
of a time when I had longer, darker hair, wore tie-dye, didn't use reading
glasses and participated in inaugural Earth Day teach-ins at Syrcause

It's remarkably easy -- and pleasant -- to visualize our banners and
leaflets (wish I had saved at least one), and to recall the names of Gaylord
Nelson, Bill Ruckelshaus, Rachel Carson, Gladwin Hill (predecessor or
colleague of yours on West 43rd Street, right?) . . .

So while your anniversary greeting is the latest in what sometimes seem like
daily confirmations that I've flipped many calendar pages, I do welcome this
reminder of events that made a difference . . . of an activst spark that
still glows . . . and of a dog-earned, vintage copy of Silent Spring still
on my shelf.

So yes, Happy Earth Day to all who midwifed its birth and sustain its

Alan Stamm
Birmingham, MI

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