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E-M:/ Audit: DEQ brass cut deals with polluters

This article could not include all of the under-table deals made on White Lake during the Engler administration including the mass destruction to White Lake by Ellenwood Landing Marina.  Note here that much of the same network of developers now want to repeat Ellenwood history marina lake destruction by including another marina with the Whitehall Leather condo/marina redevelopment.  The tannery marina will destroy the last fishery spawning nursery in that portion of White Lake.  City Whitehall is partnering with the developers to destroy as much of this portion of White Lake with the marina as they can and, they admit it is all for the money.
Top state environmental regulators undermined their own scientists' work by cutting deals with polluting companies and refusing to arm state prosecutors with the tools they needed to enforce cleanup laws, according to a state auditor general's report.

The failings were documented in cases examined by the auditor from 1999 to 2002 -- during the administration of Gov. John Engler and his Department of Environmental Quality chief, Russ Harding.

The report, released Tuesday, appears to validate some of the virulent criticism leveled by environmentalists during Harding's tenure from 1995 to 2002.

In one case -- the contamination of White Lake in west Michigan -- the parent company of the former Whitehall Leather Co., Genesco, paid only $3.35 million of a cleanup that cost $6.45 million, leaving taxpayers to fund the remainder with no explanation, the auditor reported.