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E-M:/ Mountaintop Removal presentations in Muskegon

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APPALACHIAN TREASURES: First-Hand Accounts from the Struggle to End 
Mountain Top Removal Coal Mining

The Appalachian Treasures Project is a national campaign to end the 
suffering and devastation that Mountaintop Removal coal mining has 
brought to the land and communities of Appalachia. Come and learn what 
people of faith can do to help their neighbors in Appalachia.

The presentation will include first-hand accounts of life in the shadow 
of Mountaintop Removal coal mining (MTR) from Bill Price, a resident of 
the southern West Virginia coalfields.

Two presentations in the Muskegon area -

*Monday, April 25th
7pm - First Lutheran Church (ELCA)
1206 Whitehall Rd.
Muskegon, MI  49445

*Wednesday, April 27th
7pm - Muskegon Community College - Blue & Gold Room
221 S. Quarterline Rd.
Muskegon, MI  49442

*What is Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining?*

Mountaintop removal coal mining is a relatively new type of strip mining

that involves clear cutting native hardwood trees, blasting up to 1000 
feet of mountaintop into rubble, then dumping the debris into nearby 
valleys & streams. This practice, dubbed "strip mining on steroids" by 
coalfield residents, has already turned 400,000 acres of forested 
mountains into barren moonscape in West Virginia alone and buried 1,200 
miles of streams across the Appalachian coalfields.  Mountaintop removal

coal mining presently occurs in West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, and 

Communities near these mines are forced to contend with appalling 
conditions, including destruction of water supplies, continual daily 
dynamite blasting that damages homes & wells and creates choking dust, 
and the fear of fatal, catastrophic floods with every rainfall.  The 
practice is destroying a rich culture & heritage, as well as our 
nation's oldest mountains.

You can view images of mountaintop removal at:

*What is the Appalachian Treasures Project?*

Appalachian Treasures is a project of Appalachian Voices, a non-profit 
based in the mountains of North Carolina. Since the 1990s, Appalachian 
Voices has been working with coalfield residents to end mountaintop 
removal.  Over the course of those years, we realized that mountaintop 
removal will only continue if the American people remain unaware that 
such an unjust, destructive, and short-sighted enterprise is happening 
on our soil.  The goal of Appalachian Treasures is to educate the public

and decision makers about MTR and about efforts to sharply curtail 
mountaintop removal.

Your neighbors need your help.  Most coalfield communities are rural and

isolated.  In states where big coal companies hold overwhelming 
political power, the opposition of coalfield citizens alone is not 
enough to stop mountaintop removal.

That's why we need you.  The Appalachian Treasures outreach tours are 
focused on districts of federal Congressional Representatives in key 
positions to help pass the Clean Water Protection Act.  The CWPA is a 
bill in Congress that will outlaw filling streams with the rock & dirt 
from these enormous coal mines & sharply curtail MTR.

Despite the focus of Appalachian Treasures on supporting the Clean Water

Protection Act, our presentation is strictly *nonpartisan* and 
educational.  We are building the network of Americans who will help 
their neighbors in Appalachia with a letter or phone call to their 
elected officials.  Our motto for Appalachian Treasures is "many hands 
make light work."

Hope to see you there!

Christina Wulf
Outreach Coordinator
Appalachian Treasures Project

Appalachian Voices - Boone, NC
Office number: 828-262-1500
or 877-APP-VOICE (toll-free)

Visit us on the web:

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