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Subject: State of the Air 2005
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Dear Friend of the American Lung Association,

How clean is the air in your community?

If you know a child with asthma, a parent with emphysema, or a friend with chronic bronchitis, you understand how critical breathing fresh, clean air is.

Sadly all too many Americans live in communities where outdoor air pollution makes it difficult, even dangerous, to breathe.

Did you know:

* 52 percent of all Americans live in counties where they are exposed to unhealthy levels of air pollution.
* Three and a half million adults and nearly 1.3 million children with asthma live in counties with unhealthy levels of year-round particle pollution.
* Over 16.3 million adults age 65 and over live in counties with unhealthy ozone levels.

Are you one of these people? If so, input your zip code below to find out your area's air quality score
The American Lung Association?s annual <http://lungaction.org/reports/stateoftheair2005.html>State of the Air report , released today, provides Americans like you with detailed information about the air you breathe everyday and explains how dirty air can harm you and your family. You can learn steps to protect yourself and your loved ones.

And if the air in your area isn?t an A , here are two actions you can take to make it better:

1. <http://www.kintera.org/TR.asp?ID=M68526115738486314030865>Send a letter to your Senators today -- demand strict enforcement of the Clean Air Act and oppose the big energy companies who are pushing Congress to change the law to let them get an extra 10 years to avoid reducing pollution.

2. <http://lungusa.kintera.org/sota05>Make a generous donation to support the life-saving work of the American Lung Association.

For more than 100 years we have worked to prevent lung disease and promote lung health so that you and your family can enjoy the highest quality of life possible. We also fund vital research on the causes of and treatment for lung disease.

You can help make cleaner air a reality ? not only for your own health, but the health of your children, and your entire community. <http://lungaction.org/campaign/stateoftheair2005>Take action today .

Thank you for your support.


John L. Kirkwood
President and CEO, American Lung Association

P.S. Use our Air quality tool <http://lungaction.org/reports/stateoftheair2005.html>to determine how clean the air you breathe each day is . If you are not satisfied with the state of the air in your area (1.) <http://lungaction.org/campaign/stateoftheair2005>Help keep corporate polluters from changing the law so they can pollute more (2.) <http://lungusa.kintera.org/sota05>Make as generous of a gift as you possibly can to the American Lung Association.

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