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E-M:/ Reps. Ehlers and Schwarz on Artic Drilling Disappointment List

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Reps. Ehlers and Schwarz on Artic Drilling Disappointment List

From: "John Adams, NRDC Action Fund" <members@nrdcaction.org>
To: ajs@sagady.com
Subject: Congress paves way to drill in Arctic Refuge

Dear NRDC Member,

Both the House and Senate passed a budget resolution Thursday night that paves
the way for oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. But keep your
chin up! This fight is not over yet, and this is no time to relax our efforts.

To complete its raid on the Arctic, Congress must still pass a "budget
reconciliation" bill. We're counting on your continued activism to help us
fight and win that last and decisive round.

Thousands of phone calls and messages from activists like you made Thursday's
budget votes extremely close. Our Arctic heroes included 11 House Republicans
(see list below) who defied their party leadership by voting against the budget
in order to save the Arctic Refuge. In the Senate, two brave Republicans --
Senator Chafee (RI) and Senator DeWine (OH) -- stood up for the Arctic.

Those who let us down included 20 moderate Republicans in the House and five in
the Senate: Senators Coleman (MN), Collins (ME), Snowe (ME), McCain (AZ) and
Smith (OR). They voted for the Arctic Refuge in the past but abandoned us
Thursday night.

Every House and Senate Democrat opposed the final budget resolution, although
not always for environmental reasons. But seven House Democrats missed the vote
altogether, which we lost 214-211.

Please check the lists below to see if your senator and/or representative was a
Hero, a Disappointment or a No-Show. If so, please call them at the phone
number provided and deliver the message suggested below.

These calls are enormously important. They will set the stage for the final
round in this historic fight. Our targeted members of Congress need to know
that pro-Arctic constituents like you will be watching their next vote very

If you are unable to telephone, then please go to the Senate website
[http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm] or the
House website [http://www.house.gov/writerep/], where you can look up your
members of Congress and send them email messages.

In the meantime, you can be sure that the NRDC Action Fund will be working day
and night to defeat any budget reconciliation bill that includes Arctic
drilling. Thank you again for taking the time to defend the Arctic in its hour
of need!


John H. Adams
NRDC Action Fund

. . .

Call (between 9am and 6pm eastern time) and thank them for voting against the
budget resolution last week because it threatened the Arctic Refuge. Urge them
to defend the Arctic again when the budget reconciliation bill comes to a vote.
Tell them you'll be watching their vote closely.

Senator Lincoln Chafee (RI):  202-224-2921
Senator Mike DeWine (OH):  202-224-2315

Representative Charles Bass (NH-2):  202-225-5206
Representative Sherwood Boehlert (NY-24):  202-225-3665
Representative Michael Castle (DE-at large):  202-225-4165
Representative Nancy Johnson (CT-5):  202-225-4476
Representative Timothy Johnson (IL-15):  202-225-2371
Representative Jim Leach (IA-2):  202-225-6576
Representative Frank LoBiondo (NJ-2):  202-225-6572
Representative Jim Ramstad (MN-3):  202-225-2871
Representative Jim Saxton (NJ-3):  202-225-4765
Representative Christopher Shays (CT-4):  202-225-5541
Representative Rob Simmons (CT-2):  202-225-2076

Call (between 9am and 6pm eastern time) and express your deep disappointment
that they abandoned the Arctic Refuge last week by voting for a bad budget
resolution. Urge them to make up for it by defending the Arctic when the budget
reconciliation bill comes to a vote. Tell them you'll be watching their vote

Senator Norm Coleman (MN):  202-224-5641
Senator Susan Collins (ME):  202-224-2523
Senator John McCain (AZ):  202-224-2235
Senator Gordon Smith (OR):  202-224-3753
Senator Olympia Snowe (ME):  202-224-5344

Representative Roscoe Bartlett (MD-6):  202-225-2721
Representative Jeb Bradley (NH-1):  202-225-5456
Representative Tom Davis (VA-11):  202-225-1492
Representative Vernon Ehlers (MI-3):  202-225-3831
Representative Mike Ferguson (NJ-7):  202-225-5361
Representative Rodney Frelinghuysen (NJ-11):  202-225-5034
Representative Jim Gerlach (PA-6):  202-225-4315
Representative Wayne Gilchrest (MD-1):  202-225-5311
Representative Bob Inglis (SC-4):  202-225-6030
Representative Mark Kennedy (MN-6):  202-225-2331
Representative Mark Kirk (IL-10):  202-225-4835
Representative John R. "Randy" Kuhl, Jr. (NY-29):  202-225-3161
Representative Jim Nussle (IA-1):  202-225-2911
Representative Thomas Petri (WI-6):  202-225-2476
Representative Dave Reichert (WA-8):  202-225-7761
Representative John J.H. "Joe" Schwarz (MI-7):  202-225-6276
Representative F. James Sensenbrenner (WI-5):  202-225-5101
Representative Christopher Smith (NJ-4):  202-225-3765
Representative John Sweeney (NY-20):  202-225-5614
Representative James Walsh (NY-25):  202-225-3701

Call (between 9am and 6pm eastern time) and express your disappointment that
they were absent for the budget resolution vote. Tell them you're counting on
them to defend the Arctic Refuge when the budget reconciliation bill comes to a

Representative James Clyburn (SC-6):  202-225-3315
Representative Lloyd Doggett (TX-25):  202-225-4865
Representative Bob Filner (CA-51):  202-225-8045
Representative Harold Ford, Jr. (TN-9):  202-225-3265
Representative William Jefferson (LA-2):  202-225-6636
Representative Steven Rothman (NJ-9):  202-225-5061
Representative Edolphus Towns (NY-10):  202-225-5936

. . .

Note: If you have any questions about this message, or would like to be removed
from our email list, please write to us at membership@nrdc.org
The NRDC Action Fund is an affiliate of the Natural Resources Defense Council


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