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E-M:/ ECO Conference via right website!!

CACC's website was listed wrong in yesterday's posting. It is www.caccmi.org - corrected in this posting.

CACC* Backyard Eco-Conference May 13-15 2005 Camp Neyati**

        Welcome to CACC?s 23rd Backyard Eco-Conference -2005!! ECO is a living, breathing history of brave, unselfish defenders of the ecology of Michigan and the Great Lakes!! What a treasure-trove of conservationists, naturalists, home-grown activists sharing ideas,  knowledge,  victories and losses,  music, dancing and art ? and their great yearning love - for the Sweetwater  Seas, for the legendary Northwoods, for our communities who drink the water and breathe the air, and for the  generations yet to come. We are grateful to every one of you who has helped make this annual conference possible.
        We invite you to join us to celebrate our strengths, our hard work, and help CACC grow. This year, we are back at Camp Neyati on Crooked Lake, about 2 miles southwest of the village of Lake in Clare County.*  CACC has had some of our most successful Eco-Conferences here. We have a great youth program!  Bring your friends and family.  There are plenty of cabins and places to pitch tents. We hope to see you there!! Remember to bring warm clothes, plenty of blankets.

*CACC is Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination- "Working to Protect Our Environment Since 1978!"

**Directions to Camp Neyati can be found at http://scnc.mindnet.org/~midcamp/directions.htm

Backyard Eco Conference 2005 
Complete  Schedule   - including Sunday
Registration form can be found  at www.caccmi.org on the first page at the bottom of the section titled ?Our Mission? or under ?Conference? section listed to the side.

Friday, May 13

3pm - 8pm - Registration
5:30pm  -7pm  - Potluck Dinner (Please bring dish to pass! - Beverages/Dessert are provided)
7- 8pm - CACC's Annual Meeting
8pm -9:30pm - Brian McKenna:  "Dow's Knowledge Factories/Corporate Sponsorship of University Health Research"
9:30pm- 11pm Informal Reception (Music, Socializing) Victor McManemy, Tim Joseph and friends

Saturday May 14
7:30am -9am ? Breakfast
9am -10:30am - Kevin Kamps, "Great Lakes Nuclear/Alternative Energy Issues"
10:30am -11:45pm - Chris Swier and Susan Houghton, "Community Based Sustainable Agriculture"
12 Noon -1pm ? Lunch
1:15pm-3pm Michelle Hurd-Riddick and Terry Miller, "Challenging Dow - Michigan's Worst Dioxin Producer"
3pm -4:45pm  - Michelle Lin and Kathryn Savoie," Bringing Environmental Justice to the Real world"
5pm -6:30pm - Dinner
6:30pm -7pm - Free Time/Group discussion
7pm -7:30pm - Eco Awards/Auction
8:30pm -9:30pm - Harvey Wasserman, "Another Stolen Election and our Civil Rights"
10pm -12 midnight - Campfire Music with Victor McManemy, Tim Joseph and friends.
Sunday May 15

7:30am -9:30am - Breakfast
9:30am- 10:30am - Kim Winchell "Faith and Caring for the Earth"
10:30am- 11am - Children's Presentation
11am -12 Noon ? Closing Speaker ? Stephanie Mills ?The 600 Year Old Lotus Seed?
12:30pm - Closing Circle
1pm -2pm - Lunch
2pm - ? Socialize, Clean up, Pack up, Departure