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I thought Eric’s article was wonderful and well-balanced.  The point of the article is that Michigan’s sportsmen and environmentalists need to work together.  Together, we can achieve great things.  Let’s get rid of the finger pointing and name calling and find ways we can work together.  It does little good to further bash the “so called Michigan sportsman hypocrites” in the manner below. 


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In this paragraph Eric Sharp describes many of the hunt/fish so called Michigan sportsman hypocrites that I have to deal with every day.  They hate environmentalist so much that they are in full favor of destroying their watersheds and all their hunting and fishing habitats just to support the GW Bush, NRA, antienvironmental Republican agenda.  Then they have the audacity to complain about their lost of hunting and fishing opportunities.


One fisherman I know sneered at Earth Day celebrations he saw on a television news show. When I asked what he could possibly find to dislike when people try to improve the environment of the planet, he didn't have a sensible answer. But he burst into in a vituperative political diatribe aimed at everything from people who approve of abortion to people who oppose limiting immigration.