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E-M:/ Steve Chester vs. Russell Harding on envir enforcement in Michigan Land Use Journal

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Subject: Harding vs. Chester; Toothless Laws Mean Historic Decay
Date: Fri, 6 May 2005 13:58:10 +0100
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Dear friend,

Today we've got a "Point-Counterpoint" debate between the present and past
directors of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, as well as
a look at how historic preservation did not play a role in Tuesday's
downtown development vote in Petoskey.

First, DEQ Director Steve Chester and former DEQ Director Russell Harding
square off over environmental regulations. Mr. Harding says the state's
green enforcement hurts business and should be left to the feds; Mr.
Chester says good environmental regulations do not harm business and
Michigan must not depend on Washington. For two starkly different takes on
reality, click here:


Then Kelly Thayer reports that "historic districts" in many towns are
pretty toothless when it comes to guiding development. That's true in
Petoskey, where voters approved a $50 million downtown development but are
unable to affect its design because the district ordinance is voluntary.
For more lessons in the power of historic districting, click here:


What do a wildflower weekend, a hearing on wolf populations, and a
sustainable business conference have in common? They are all listed on our
Smart Growth calendar. If you are looking for something Smart to do, or
want to add your own listing, click here:


We're still getting unusually cold nights in Beulah. The propane guy is
probably happy about it, but cherry growers are sweating bullets because
warm weather in early April popped lots of buds. Direct your warm thoughts
or burnt offerings their way, won't you?

Hans, back from his three-week mobile camper family vacation, is grinning
like a Cheshire cat. We expect Patty Cantrell will be doing the same thing
when she returns from, would you believe, Italy, where she's addressing an
agriculture conference. Fear not, financial supporters: They paid for it,
not us!

Me? I'm just happy to be here, sending you this message. Thanks so much
for clicking in on us today and reading it!

Jim Dulzo, managing editor, Michigan Land Use Institute.

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