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E-M:/ Threats to Public broadcasting and environmental news coverage

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Dear Michigan environmentalists:

When it comes to news coverage of important environmental protection
and natural resources issues, the first media I think of are America's
public broadcasting outlets......   Here in Michigan I think about
the outstanding work of Rick Pluta and his Michigan Public Radio
Network colleagues.   I think of the "Michigan at Risk" series produced

What would Michigan politics be like without ensuring independence for
Tim Skubick and "Off the Record?"

Nationally, "outstanding environmental news coverage" and "investigative
journalism on environment and natural resources" are synonymous with
Public Broadcasting System and National Public Radio efforts..... "All
Things Considered,"  Frontline, PBS NOW and many other efforts.

All of this environmental and public affairs coverage and the very
independence of public TV and public radio broadcasting is presently
being threatened by none other than George Bush and his political appointee
at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Kenneth Tomlinson.

The threat to the independence of public broadcasting is so great
that Michigan Congressman John Dingell has asked the Corporation for
Public Broadcasting's Inspector General to determine whether Tomlinson
has violated federal law requirements concerning the independence
of the public broadcasting system.

Read about this here in today's Washington Post:
[you have to enter a free registration]

Here's more on John Dingell's action to defend the independence of
public broadcasting:

Watch or listen to this speech by Bill Moyers at the National
Conference on Media Reform 5 days ago on the attack on
public broadcasting and discussion of why the public broadcasting
was set up in the first place:


Read this essay about why so much national news coverage is
so anemic and about the media reform movement:


Know that trashing the independence of public broadcasting from
political control and interference has the potential to wreck the
entire national/state/local public broadcasting system.   Of course,
the Christian Broadcasting Network will be around to scarf up any
broadcasting licences that become available......

Learn, act and tell your Congressman to stop these attacks
from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting on the independence of
public broadcasting.

Alex Sagady

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