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RE: E-M:/ Trash-O-Meter

Interesting how those whose arguments are less than sound, if not indefensible, rely so frequently on labeling and name-calling. 
Demagoguery?  What's wrong with passionately appealing to the emotions of the populace?  A case can be made that it's preferable to ramming decisions down an unaware citizenry's throat without regard to our best interests or input.  It's easy to understand why educational devices such as the trash-o-meter are so threatening to some.
I guess the general manager of RRRASOC is most qualified to judge what's legitimate environmental protection and what's not.

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And then there are those of us who think the trash-o-meter is an embarrassing piece of demagoguery, trying to pass off attempts at interfering with private trade as legitimate environmental protection efforts.

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