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Re: E-M:/ Trash-O-Meter, Social Cost.

Mr.  Piehl,

I agree wholeheartedly with the notion that the social costs of landfilling ought to be calculated and have the appropriate fees imposed.  I've been arguing that in various circles for several years, most notable amongst the Michigan Recycling Coalition crowd, the Michigan Municipal League, and various folks in Lansing.  My beef has been with the poor manner in which public policy and the proposed associated fees have been developed.  I don't intend to retread that entire argument on this Listserv.  I'm sure many have seen my posts on the MRC listserv and don't want to read them again since I've gone on ad nauseum in other venues.

My point(s) to my earlier post is simply that trade restrictions have never been a very good idea and there are plenty of other important solid waste issues that deserve attention more than waste imports.  They just aren't as useful for pandering.   Frankly, I (and many others) don't think the trash-o-meter gimmick lends much to the public policy debate.  Somehow I knew saying so on this Listserv would strike a nerve.


ps. For anyone that cares... no, my position has nothing to do with the fact that RRRASOC has a MRF operated under contract by Recycle America Alliance, a subsidiary of Waste Management, Inc.  Anyone who suggest otherwise simply doesn't know me.

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