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Re: E-M:/ Trash-O-Meter

Enviro-Mich message from "Mark Richardson" <Mark.Richardson@macombcountymi.gov>

Mike:  I can't blame you for being a little offended by some of the rhetoric.  But I'd urge you to calm down a bit.  After all, it isn't as if you couldn't have anticipated some of these types of responses.

Personally, I'd welcome your comments anytime you'd care to post them.  All kinds of people visit this listserve.  It benefits from different points of view.

All sides to any social issue attempt to appeal to emotion, prejudices, etc.  Here in Macomb County, when the beaches were being closed on a regular basis, an activist put an old toilet on top of his car and drove it around, calling himself the Poopman and the Sludgebuster.  That got far more attention than a thousand speeches about "CSOs" "SSOs" (or the money needed to fix them) ever would have.  Industry, of course, tries to induce a panic attack about "lost jobs" whenever a new regulatory proposal surfaces.

Your comments about the "Trash-o-meter" are defensible.  But a little beside the point.  Calling attention to an issue is not the same thing as analyzing it, or solving it.

(PS I am a customer of RRRSOC and think you do a fine job.)

>>> <RRRASOC@aol.com> 5/24/2005 9:54:59 AM >>>

Its interesting that I simply pointed out that many of us feel the 
trash-o-meter is an exercise in demagoguery.    Since then I've been accused of being 
shrill, intemperate, offensive, content-free, addle-brained, and bombastic.   My 
ethics have been questioned by insinuations that my position is related to 
publicly bid contracts that have been awarded.   My arguments have been called 
indefensible and I have been told that I have resorted to name-calling.

Provocative I'll accept.   I'm just not sure that I'm the one doing the name 

I suppose this will be my last post to this Listserv.   It doesn't appear to 
be open to alternative points of view.


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