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Re: E-M:/ Trash-O-Meter

Will the real Mike Csapo please stand up? 
His actual Post states things like:  "What's wrong with demagoguery?"  Have you ever read, oh I don't know... Plato?  Start there and work your way through to 21st century political theory literature."  "... a rational response, if any from the likes of the MEC."  "The response from {name of defamed individual deleted} ...was, to paraphrase, "we don't care."  Sort of a "don't bother me with the facts" response."  "We'd rather see a more scholarly approach taken to public policy but perhaps that's too much to expect from folks who see nothing wrong with a little demagoguery."
What he now claims was the mild, reasonable, sole point of his message: "Its interesting that I simply pointed out that many of us feel the trash-o-meter is an exercise in demagoguery."
I guess the actual statements were in fact "indefensible," since their maker is so eager to deny them and offers no real defense...
Cut the whining.  The idea that you wouldn't expect to get the kinds of sarcastic and hostile responses you so richly deserved is absurd.  If you want reasoned and polite debate, confine yourself to that mode.  Or, as I was taught that an oft-cited, little-followed religious tradition teaches: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  Wait, that could be the death of the whole corporate trash industry, that grows & profits by externalizing the environmental costs and consequences of industry, thru lucrative licensing procedures that impose their operations on host(age) communities... arghh!   
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