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E-M:/ MN Atty Gen joins litigation against EPA Mercury rule -- Where is Michigan, Where is Mike Cox???



Minnesota’s Attorney General Mike Hatch has filed a petition in the Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia challenging the EPA’s mercury rules, joining the states of New York, Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and California. 


Why isn’t MICHIGAN on this list????


The EPA rule moves mercury under a different category, treating it as a non-hazardous air pollutant, although as Michigan’s fish advisories make clear mercury in our environment today makes people ill and harms the environment.


Does MICHIGAN think mercury pollution from utility plants isn’t a hazardous air pollutant????


MN AG Hatch notes one of the most serious problems with the EPA rule, which allows for trading of mercury pollution amounts through a so-called cap and trade program.  Hatch notes “Mercury contamination remains in our communities for a long time, moving up the food chain, until it can poison people through the fish they eat.  ‘Cap-and-trade’ just moves the poison around the country.”


Why doesn’t MICHIGAN consider this a serious problem????


The deadline for Michigan to sign on is TUESDAY, MAY 31st – either Governor Granholm or Attorney General Cox can take the initiative, joining 13 other states to start winning back our lakes and fishery from the mercury pollution caused by coal fired power plants – or they can sit on the sidelines. 


Anne Woiwode

Sierra Club





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