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Re: E-M:/ More on Lafarge-mercury

Title: Re: E-M:/ More on Lafarge-mercury
I also believe the current permit limits for the Holcim kilns in SE Michigan (approved in 2003)  are 115 pounds per year, considerably higher then their actual emissions (21 pounds in 2003).  Cement companies continue to assert they can achieve lower hg emissions but DEQ continues to give them mercury emission limits 3X+ actuals???

Also of concern is the Michigan's ongoing support for turning cement kilns in Michigan into giant waste combusters.

Just to remind folks, in 2003 DEQ signed off on Holcim burning the long list of materials below without requiring test burns.   Are these mercury limits set higher to allow for combustion of mercury contaminated wastes like bio-solids or auto shred?  Is LaFarge also looking at doing this?

Holcim Waste List:

Waste from machining, lubricating, and cooling operations
Waste hydraulic oils and brake fluids
Waste engine, gear and lubricating oils
Waste insulating and heat transmission oils and other liquids

Bilge oils
Waste from organic dyes and pigments
Wastes from the manufacturing of plastics, synthetic rubber and man-made
Wastes from the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals
Wastes from the manufacturing of fats, grease, soaps,
detergents,disinfectants and cosmetics Waste from oil regeneration
Agricultural oils and wastes
Petroleum refinery wastes
Iron and steel manufacturing wastes
Food processing wastes

Oil/water separator contents
Waste paint and coatings from manufacturing and production operations
Wastes from the manufacture and application of adhesives and sealants
Wastes from pulp, paper and cardboard production and processing
Wastes from the manufacturing and application of printing inks
Wastes from anaerobic treatment of wastes
Wastes from waste water treatment plant
Wastes from the manufacturing of fats, grease, soaps, detergents.
disinfectants and cosmetics Wood preservation waste
Waste from transport and storage tank cleaning
Petroleum refinery waste
Food processing wastes

Non-metallic wastes from inorganic chemical processes
Oil/water separator contents
Absorbents, filter materials, wiping cloths and protective clothing
Wastes from waste water treatment plants
Organic packaging wastes
Wastes from synthetic materials and rubbers manufacturing and processing
Wastes from textile industry
Agricultural wastes
Printer toner waste
Wastes from wood processing and the production of furniture products
Wastes from construction/demolition
Wastes from pulp, paper and cardboard production and processing
Waste from water and waste water treatment plants
Salvage and recycling industry
Wastes from the manufacturing and production of construction materials
Petroleum refinery waste
Iron. steel, and foundry wastes
Food processing wastes

At 11:27 PM -0400 6/1/05, Alex J. Sagady & Associates wrote:
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At 390 lbs of mercury per year, the proposed MDEQ permit
would make the Lafarge - Alpena plant the 8th largest cement
plant mercury discharger in the United States for latest available
year 2003 data.

Lafarge's year 2003 TRI report shows 69 lbs of actual airborne
mercury discharged to the air.   As a result, the proposed
MDEQ permit would allow a very significant relaxation to
a permissible mercury emission of 390 lbs/year.

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