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Re: E-M:/ Governor Milliken speaks....

Of all the many right and good things Bill Milliken said in his speech, the thing that stuck with me the most is the insanity of term limits.   Term limits were popularized as a way to give regular folks a shot at public service while giving the broom to entrenched politicians.  But even regular folks need experience to get really good at something and while we no longer have entrenched individuals we sure have entrenchment.  Terms limts were born of anger and the results are at least clear to me:  government that is dumber and more influenced than ever  by special interest money.   Republicans and Democrats should join together to reform this so-called reform.  

Trigger, Grant R. wrote:
Outstanding comments Anne
Gov Milliken is still today the most outstanding public servant Michigan has ever had - and your observations are right on point - the civility Gov Milliken so gallantly modeled was not partisan

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I want to thank Alex for posting Governor Milliken's exceptional speech, but then I have to say that it does a disservice to post the analysis of the Republicans below -- even though I agree with a large amount of what is said in this.

All of us are responsible for the failure of civil discourse, and for the downward spiral that this has caused in our state and in particular metropolitan Detroit. As noted in the comments around Governor Milliken's speech he received a standing ovation, at an event which is touted as the one where all the politicians with statewide aspirations must show up and work to get the approvals and nods and probably the financial backing to run for office. Who was it who was applauding? And who among us is not already pointing the finger at "those people" who are responsible for the decline of bi-partisanship/non-partisanship?

So how do WE take responsibility, each and everyone of us, for rebuilding a civil discourse in our state? Granted, there are easier things to do than this -- including cleaning up Superfund sites or reversing global warming -- however if we conservationists/environmentalists truly believe that we want change to occur in the policies and actions of our society and our government, then we must make sure that we are committed to succeeding in bringing about change, and not simply focused on being right.

Working with the less than perfect tools we have, that were eloquently enumerated by Governor Milliken, how do WE engage in actions that forward the protection of the Great Lakes, that rebuild our cities and protect our farms and forests, that take toxins like lead, mercury and dioxins out of our rivers and bodies, that assure that hope is built into our future so irresistibly that no politician gains strength simply by being a do-nothing nay sayer. How do we make it possible for visionaries to lead us, rather than continue to elect human windsocks responsive solely to the pollsters and PACs?

Bill Milliken still speaks truth to us because his political agenda has been and still is born of his personal beliefs -- all politicians make compromises, since that is the nature of our system, but through our passivity and indulgence we have allowed the political feedback loops to ignore or weed out almost all of those who actually seek to lead as a result of clear vision, as opposed to through knee jerk ideological panderism.

It is easy these days to adopt the traits of the worst of the panderists and their pawns --so lets work to assure that the environmental community no longer succumbs to the virtually irresistible urge to use the appalling tactics of those who model the worst examples of destructive politics. That better world we are working for includes and may even depend on restoration of the respect for our political processes that Governor Milliken calls upon all of us to make happen.

Thank you, Governor Milliken!


On Jun 15, 2005, at 6:01 PM, Alexander J. Sagady wrote:


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It is indeed disheartening to know that today's Republican Party in

Michigan would never again let someone like Milliken rise to the

top leadership position and be the top candidate for a high office

like governor.

I always gave Milliken a vote over whoever the Dems put up when

he was in office .....

But today, the Republican Party

embraces extremism against environmental protection and

natural resources conservation, corporate voices as the only

voices that matter, attacks on civil liberties and constitutional

protections, wrongdoing in the conduct of elections,

massive governmental invasion in private affairs and privacy matters,

abdication of support for mainstream science and public health

in formation of public policy, wholesale destruction of the

separation of church and state, hostility to foreign people

and their cultures, destructive and unnecessary war and hostility

in the conduct of international relations, fostering an atmosphere

of fear and hatred here at home, unsound governmental

financial policy, destruction of American jobs and trade unionism

in the name of globalization, support for dictatorships and human

rights abuse abroad, creation of conditions in which US

government agents engage in torture and human rights abuse,

support for a discriminatory ideology against women and people of

color, promotion of incompetence and lack of accountability in

government management (i.e. John Bolton), ...and on and on...

I'm sorry....but the silence of people like Vern Ehlers and Ken

Sikkema (who do or should know better) on these matters with the blind allegiance to the

terrible policies of the Bush Administration means there is

little or no hope of turning republican party policy around to

be reasonable.

What a dismal situation....!


Tom and Anne Woiwode

5088 Powell Road

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