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E-M:/ Beach Visitors Reminded to Watch for Piping Plovers

Enviro-Mich message from "Richard Morscheck" <morscher@michigan.gov>

Contact: Lisa Gamero 517-241-4789, Mary Dettloff 517-335-3014

Beach Visitors Reminded to Watch for Piping Plovers

State recreation officials are asking Great Lakes beach visitors to watch for piping plover nesting sites when enjoying the shorelines this summer.

The federal- and state-endangered bird is small, stocky and sandy-colored with a single ring around its neck and a black band across the forehead from eye to eye. When moving, the piping plover blends very well with the background of the open, sandy beaches where it feeds and nests, making it very difficult to see. Eggs are laid in small clutches directly onto the sand beaches and blend in well with small stones in sand.

This is the time of year when the eggs will be hatching and beach users are asked to be alert that these small birds may be sharing the same beach.
Tips to remember at plover sites:
*  Respect all areas fenced or posted area for protection of wildlife. 
*  Do not approach or linger near piping plovers or their nest. 
*  If pets are permitted on the shoreline used by plovers, keep your pets leashed. 
*  Do not leave or bury trash, food scraps or fish innards on beaches.

If you spot a piping plover or discover a piping plover nest, please note the location of bird or nest, location and position of color leg bands and how many eggs in nest. Please do not touch the eggs or the nest. Notify any one of the following persons: Jennifer Stucker, jstucker@umn.edu at (231) 539-8626; Jack Dingledine, Jack_Dingledine@fws.gov at (517) 351-6320; or Lisa Gamero, GameroL@michigan.gov at (517) 241-4789.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Piping Plover Patrol, to help protect and monitor these rare birds, contact Lisa Gamero or go to www.michigan.gov/dnrvolunteers to learn more about the Piping Plover Patrol.

The DNR is committed to the conservation, protection, management, use and enjoyment of the state's natural resources for current and future generations.


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