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Re: E-M:/ Governor Murphy dissents

It's no disrespect to Governor Milliken, and perhaps especially timely today in light of ongoing conflict and debates regarding Guantanamo Bay and its associated "Gulag," which reached the floor of the US Senate again yesterday, to point out that arguably "the most outstanding public servant Michigan has ever had" was Detroit Mayor, Michigan Governor and US Supreme Court Justice Frank Murphy, who at a time of real national peril from real foreign enemies and domestic attacks on fundamental human liberties, wrote:
"This exclusion of 'all persons of Japanese ancestry, both alien and non-alien,' from the Pacific Coast area on a plea of military necessity in the absence of martial law ought not to be approved. Such exclusion goes over 'the very brink of constitutional power' and falls into the ugly abyss of racism."
Dissent in Korematsu v. United States, 323 US 214 (1944)
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