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Re: E-M:/ State stumbles over toxic fish

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State stumbles over toxic fish

More snips-

African Americans, tend to be the least informed about the fish advisories, said Kory Groetsch, a health assessor with the Michigan Department of Community Health. Groetsch is the point man for the state's fish contaminant advisory program.

Groetsch said the program has become an "orphan." It no longer has paid staff. Any work is done when MDCH staff can find some extra time.

MDCH, he said, has managed to secure $100,000 in grants to develop educational materials for inner-city anglers, warning of the dangers of eating fish in the Saginaw Bay watershed, particularly on the Tittabawasee and Saginaw Rivers.




Kory Groetsch, Brendan Boyle of MDCH are to be commended for their valiant effort in the Saginaw Bay Watershed  to engage subsistence fisherman about the appropriate fish to eat and feed to their families. MDCH with the assistance of students and local agencies have done significant outreach and are in the final stages of putting together educational/warning signs and brochures on the Tittabawassee and Saginaw Rivers.

It's nothing short of criminal that amid these abundant waters we cannot, for the cost of a fishing license, safely access this God given source of protein and safely feed  our families. The economic implications for these families are real as are the lost economic opportunities of this impaired watershed.

Michelle Hurd Riddick

Lone Tree Council