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E-M:/ Minnesota companies dive into lead-free tackle industry

Title: Minnesota companies dive into lead-free tackle industry
I stopped by my local tackle shop over the weekend and noticed a near complete absence of lead-free tackle.  Other then some tin split shot, everything was still lead.  A recent Michigan DNR study showed that somewhere over 20% of loon fatalities were caused by lead poisoning from fishing tackle.

Could someone from DEQ and/or DNR provide an update as to which Michigan retailers are stocking lead-free tackle?

Lots of information on alternatives at a great site on the issue by State of Minnesota:

Minnesota companies dive into lead-free tackle industry
Associated Press
June 19, 2005 LEAD0620

 DULUTH, Minn. - The state that brought Rapalas and Lindy Rigs to the fishing industry is on the forefront of another trend. This time, some Minnesota fishing tackle companies are encouraging a switch from lead jigs and sinkers to new tackle that may be safer for birds, fish and other wildlife.
 Kevin McDonald, head fishing tackle education coordinator for the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance, said the use of new tackle could create jobs in Minnesota.
 "We're really glad to see Minnesota companies diving into this now. Minnesota is the center of the fishing industry universe,'' McDonald said. "And we didn't want to see our companies turn into dinosaurs.''

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