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Re: E-M:/ Nestle sues state over Evart restrictions

Enviro-Mich message from "Thomas W. Stephens" <tstephens@sugarlaw.org>

"Nestle Waters is only asserting the same rights that every other water user
in Michigan enjoys," he said.

A "corporation" wants the same "rights" to Great Lakes water as our
children!  Ha-Ha-Ha! That's a good one!  What a joke, right?  No
"corporation" can drink water... or get sick from lack of clean water...  or
equitably share an unparalleled water resource with others to whom it is a
necessity of life, health & growth...  Any "corporation" is interested in
OUR water only insofar as it can make MONEY from OUR water, and if it wants
to make MORE MONEY instead of preserving and sharing the resource equitably,
it will choose the Money over the resource every time...

The flesh-and-blood human beings of the Great Lakes basin don't have to, and
shouldn't take spurious corporate claims to "rights" lying down, or we might
one day find our vital resource base even more depleted, or even destroyed,
by those who claim "rights" to usurp essential resources for exploitation by
fictional entities.

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