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Re: E-M:/ HB4617 (loophole) 'Facility' legislation advances in House

The same legislators and citizens driving this legislation are the same ones who drove the whole Saginaw Bay Watershed dioxin issue behind closed doors .............unfortunate that instead of using the bully pulpit to defend public health and the resources of the watershed this administration cowed to the pressure and saw negotiating behind closed doors as viable.
We can only hope that some elected official will find their voice and reveal this legislation for the give away it is to polluters, Dow Chemical and the City of Midland.
Property values are harmed by the presence of dioxin not the "facility" label. Legislative detoxification is not the answer...........cleanup is.
Go to www.trwnews.net and click on current news for more information including the DEQ analysis of the bill.
Michelle Hurd Riddick
Lone Tree Council