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E-M:/ Ruddiman cleanup: 164 tons of toxic waste

Score one victory for the Muskegon Lake AOC-PAC, thank you.
The cleanup of Ruddiman Creek will bring about the removal of 328,000 pounds of toxic waste -- 164 tons of pure lead, chromium and other hazardous compounds -- from one of Michigan's most polluted streams.
State and federal officials overseeing the cleanup have known for months that the cleanup would require removing 80,000 cubic yards of toxic mud from Ruddiman Creek's mile-long main branch and the 21-acre Ruddiman Lagoon.
Contractors will remove enough toxic mud from the creek and lagoon to fill about 3,200 dump trucks. That mud is a reservoir of chemicals known to cause cancer, brain damage and other human health problems: 204,000 pounds of chromium, 126,000 pounds of lead, 2,800 pounds of cadmium, 320 pounds of PCBs and 260 pounds of benzo (a) pyrene.

The $10.6 million cleanup and creek restoration is scheduled to be finished by next spring. The dredging of toxic mud from the creek and lagoon will be completed by the end of February 2006, government officials said.