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Re: E-M:/ Mercury report is out

Enviro-Mich message from "Alexander J. Sagady" <ajs@sagady.com>

At 01:26 PM 06/23/2005, you wrote:
>Enviro-Mich message from "Robert McCann" <mccannr@michigan.gov>
>I'm a little concerned about how you are interpreting the report.  The recommendations within the report were not written or endorsed by the DEQ or the Granholm administration.  They were created entirely by the workgroup that included a number of representatives from the environmental community.
>The report was delivered to Director Chester here at the DEQ, and he is currently reviewing the entire document (including the 2 alternatives on specific reduction goals for Michigan) and will discuss this issue in great detail with the Governor before any final decisions are made on what the best course of action is for Michigan to reduce mercury emissions.
>However, characterizing this report as "Jennifer Granholm supporting the Bush Administration approach to mercury" is simply false.

Sorry, Bob, but I've lost both patience and tolerance for politicians from both 
parties, Democrat and Republican, who say things to give an impression of 
action but don't actually do anything.

If Granholm wanted to be a leader on controlling mercury, she could have signed on Michigan
to one of the national mercury lawsuits against the Bush Administration plan 
on mercury from power plants.   ....or perhaps she's scared of asking Mike Cox to 
do something and afraid she might not get the answer she wants ....and then having 
to demonstrate she is either powerless or unwilling to get him to represent the state of 
Michigan in national litigation.   After all, the entire mercury control strategy of
of the Bush Administration is completely illegal under the Clean 
Air Act.....why can't Jennifer Granholm say that?   If Granholm wanted to be
a leader on mercury control, she would have made sure that Michigan was the 
state initiating national legal action against the illegal Bush power plant mercury rules.

If Granholm wanted to be a leader on mercury control, she would be out there
challenging the fiction that somehow it takes 8-13 years to get mercury 
controls installed on major stationary source and that emissions of such a 
toxic material ought to be the subject of voluntary control programs and 
pollution trading......this is the type of nonsense that Detroit Edison, Consumers
Energy and the Competitive Enterprise Institute spout.....silence by 
political leaders is little more than acquiesence these days.

If Granholm wanted to be a leader on controlling mercury, she would not be letting the Lafarge Corporation
have a permit for uncontrolled emissions of up to 390 lbs of mercury on the shores of 
Lake Huron along with provisions essentially saying it could be more if they can't meet 
that level.

If Granholm wanted to be a leader on controlling mercury, she would be having 
MDEQ/MDNR/MDCH out educating the public about mercury hazards in 
Michigan fish, including running mercury bioassays on inland lake fish and 
posting warning signs at public access sites and other water access points about
fish contamination hazards.

If Granholm wanted to be a leader on controlling mercury, she would 
issue an emergency order for immediate mercury in coal testing requirements
for all major coal users in the state as well as continuous emission monitoring
or trap cannister monitoring for all major electric utility plants in the 

If Granholm wanted to be a leader on controlling mercury, she would not 
have called for workgroups to meet to produce a report on which there 
would not ever be agreement for control actions and instead she would
have started administrative rulemaking process to actually control the 
mercury problem.   The key to controlling toxic and hazardous air 
pollution is actually to control those toxic and hazardous air pollutants, not
to convene groups to write reports on which agreement on control actions will never be

At this writing, it is apparent that Granholm is far more interested in 
pet PR issues like violent video games than getting real results on something
like getting the mercury problem under control in our state.   Maybe
if someone comes out with "Grand Theft Mercury" we'll get some
action, but I'm not holding my breath.

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