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Re: E-M:/ Testing Toxic Chemicals on Humans

Enviro-Mich message from Joel Wiese <joel@twelve29.com>

I thought I would share with you my letter to Senator Burns...  Enjoy.

- - - - - - - - - -
June 30, 2005
Senator Conrad Burns
187 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington D.C., 20510
Dear Senator Burns,

While I understand that because I am not one of your constituents, my
concerns do not play a role in the decisions you make.  However, it has come
to my attention that you are standing in the way of legislation that would
protect the poor and disenfranchised in my state and elsewhere.

My read of yesterday¹s Washington Post article entitled ³EPA Blocked From
Human Pesticide Studies² has left me shaking in anger.  I am disappointed
that someone in your position has forgotten that you¹re supposed to
represent all of the people in your state, even the poor and disenfranchised
who may not have played a role in getting you elected.  It is all too easy
for the rich and powerful to take advantage of those without means and by
your actions you are enabling those types of practices to continue.

It saddens me that politicians like you are corrupted by the need to get
elected with money from special interest groups.  Where did your conscience
go when it came to doing what¹s best for the people, not the corporations or
EPA scientists?  It shocks me (as it should you), that the health and
welfare of the low-income minority families of 60 children in Duval County,
FL can be bought off with ³$970 plus a camcorder and children's clothes.²

You know this isn¹t right.  It is a blatant abuse of power and there is no
way you would subject your own children at any cost, let alone the above, to
unnecessary exposure to harmful chemicals. You¹re supposed to look out for
people who are affected by studies such as this, not encourage it.

I hope you have an opportunity to rethink your unconscionable position and
do what is right for ALL people.  While you¹re at it, it wouldn¹t hurt for
you to Google ³environmental justice.²  Strangely enough, the EPA has
something to say about that as well.
In disgust,

Joel Wiese

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