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E-M:/ This Week's Air Pollution Episode/ PM 2.5 health statement from American Lung Association

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Poster's Note....This past week on Monday and Tuesday we had the worst PM 2.5 
statewide air pollution episode since last winter's major multi-day episode.   Ozone was 
also over the level of the health standard for many monitors in the state on Monday.
[you didn't see any commentary then as I was off in NY those days.]

Go to http://www.sagady.com/juneepisode/ for 4 PM 2.5 and Air Quality Index
maps showing high air pollution on Monday and Tuesday.   

Here is EPA animation for the midwest for Monday...the worst PM 2.5 day:

Please note that these results are from non-federal reference method, non-validated data and near real 
time monitors for which MDEQ has published a warning about data problems 
from current moisture interferences.   Note, on these days other states had similar problems
in many areas of the eastern US.

As noted by the American Lung Association, current PM 2.5 health protection standards do not
currently provide adequate protection of public health because they allow ambient concentrations of 
pollution that are too high.   These are pollutants that are known to cause increases in morbidity 
and mortality....see, for example, studies at      http://www.healtheffects.org/pubs-special.htm

What is emerging is that PM 2.5 is likely to be our most intractable air pollution 
problem in Michigan because of the greater frequency of high air pollution, even 
compared to high ozone days.   A great deal of our problem comes from other states.

Note however, that Michigan is also a transport problem for Canada....  Look at 
this ozone transport downwind of SE Michigan and its impact on air pollution in 
Canada...all the way past Georgian Bay on Lake Huron on Tuesday, 6/28/2005.

Here is PM 2.5 transport into Canada for the same day:


Statement of Norman Edelman, MD
Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
of the American Lung Association
on the release of the final EPA Staff Paper on the
Review of the Air Quality Standards for Particulates
New York, NY, July 1, 2005 ? Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released the final recommendations of its staff scientists on revisions to the federal air quality standards for particulates. This action formally begins the regulatory process to strengthen the standards.  The air quality standards define what constitutes healthy air and set the goals for clean up under the Clean Air Act.  
The conclusions are striking:  EPA staff scientists find that the current standards for fine particles fail to protect public health.  They find that particles inflict great harm, from asthma attacks, to changes in lung function, increases in hospital admissions and­most severe of all­premature deaths at levels well below the current standards.  The EPA scientists recommend policy options that range from doing very little to setting levels comparable to California?s stringent air quality standards.   Additionally, the staff scientists are recommending that a new standard be set for slightly larger but still inhalable particles known as urban coarse particles.  
 An independent scientific review panel reviewed a draft of these recommendations and concluded that both the annual and daily limits for fine particles need to be lowered substantially, and supported the establishment of a new coarse particle standard.   
The next step is up to EPA Administrator Steve Johnson, who must choose one of the recommended options by December 20, 2005.  The lives of thousands of Americans hang in the balance as he evaluates the options outlined in the staff paper. Children with asthma, grandparents with COPD and others with lung ailments hope he makes the right decision.  The American Lung Association urges him to select the most protective new standard, which will improve and save the most lives. 
The EPA staff paper can be found at: <http://www.epa.gov/ttn/naaqs/standards/pm/s_pm_cr_sp.html.>http://www.epa.gov/ttn/naaqs/standards/pm/s_pm_cr_sp.html.

Deborah Shprentz
Consultant to the American Lung Association

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