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E-M:/ Workshop Announcement: 13th National Nonpoint Source Monitoring Workshop

The workshop described below is excellent for those involved in monitoring and evaluation of nonpoint source projects and programs but it is also very informative in the latest techniques for nonpoint source control.
                                   ?- Ralph
13th National Nonpoint Source Monitoring Workshop, September 19-22, 2005
(Raleigh, NC)
Registration and overview as well as detailed agenda at:
The 13th year of this workshop will once again bring water quality
specialists together to share information on the effectiveness of best
management practices in improving water quality.   In addition,
improvements to State's NPS programs made as a result of NPS monitoring
projects will be highlighted.
The theme of the 2005 workshop is From Projects to Programs: Enhancing
States' NPS Management Programs through Lessons Learned from NPS
Monitoring Projects. The conference will provide a unique opportunity to
learn and share experiences on nonpoint source management and monitoring
approaches. The agenda will include three days of sessions, poster
presentations and a field trip, plus two half-day workshops and an
optional Sunday field tour.
Two full-day field trips: Choose from an urban stormwater BMP tour
(greenroofs, pervious pavement, bioretention areas, wetlands) or a rural
BMP tour in the Neuse River Basin where a nitrogen reduction goal has
been met.
TOM SCHUELER, Director of Watershed Research and Practice, Center for
Watershed Protection, http://www.cwp.org/.  Tom will present ?New
Directions in Watershed Research?
CHESTER ARNOLD, JR.,  Water Quality Educator NEMO Project Director,
University of Connecticut.   http://nemo.uconn.edu/. Chester will
present ? Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials (NEMO)? National
Networking for Urban NPS Programs?

For more information, contact cathy_smith@ncsu.edu
We have a very exciting conference planned.  See you in September!!

Ralph Reznick, P.E.
Nonpoint Source Unit
Water  Bureau
MI Dept. of Environmental Quality