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E-M:/ Think Global, Act Local

The National Science Foundation has recently had concerns about the research
abilities of American students entering graduate school. In response to
these concerns, it has funded a wide variety of summer research
programs for undergraduates. For the first half of this summer, in one
of these programs, MSU has facilitated a group's travel in China to
explore local environmental issues. During a 5 week stay they saw 9
provinces and several villages and cities. They interviewed locals,
spoke with the local forestry officials, and corresponded with local
researchers. After returning to campus, they are ready to present their
research findings. Please join them. This afternoon (July 6) from 3 to 4
and tomorrow morning (July 7) starting at 8:30 and going into the late afternoon,
they will make presentations in room 307 of the International Center.
All are welcome. No charge.

Topics will include:
The interaction of environmental NGO's in China's political structure
Agroforestry in Shandong province
The logging ban and poverty alleviation
The use of biogas pits and fuel efficient stoves in combating poverty
The role and effects of eco tourism in poverty alleviation
A story of a local farmer and entrepreneur creating a sustainable farm
Issues related to the Three Gorges Dam
The settlement of Inner Mongolian nomadic herders in response to
and others.

By attending, you will not only expand your perspective on global environmental issues, but you might also leave with a renewed sense of confidence in the research abilities of our students.