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NRC Approves Furbearer Regulations
The Natural Resources Commission on Thursday approved regulations dealing with fur-bearing animals in Michigan, capping several months of discussion on the issue. The regulations take effect immediately.
The new regulations include:
* Allowing the use of rimfire firearms of .22 caliber or smaller to dispatch large furbearers including coyote, fox, raccoon, bobcat or badgers in traps, except for holders of junior fur harvester trap-only licenses.

* Allowing licensed nuisance control operators to use colony or multiple catch traps while conducing wildlife control measures on private lands. For muskrats, operators must follow recreational harvest regulations for colony traps.

* Requiring that trappers and hunters register a bobcat within 10 days of the end of the season in which it was taken to help improve accuracy of harvest location data and expedite the collection of information for those areas that have earlier closing dates.

* Several changes to the fox and coyote snaring regulations that are designed to decrease the lethality of snares to non-target species. The changes include: requiring two swivels, one of which is at the anchor point; specifying a maximum cable length of 60 inches, with up to a 36-inch anchor cable extension; requiring the breakaway to be attached to the relaxing lock; and reducing the breakaway maximum strength from 350 to 285 pounds.

* Recommending the minimum size of snare stops be increased to four and one-quarter inches to decrease the potential lethality of snares.

* Requiring all snares in use, carried afield, or in possession, have a metallic tag attached which bears the user or owner's name and address and complete Michigan Driver License number.

* Allowing snares to be anchored to woody vegetation provided the stem is clear of branches and stubs up to five feet above the ground or snow.

* Requiring that snares have a relaxing lock that allows the snare loop to loosen slightly to reduce the possibility of strangulation.

* Requiring all traps in the Lower Peninsula, Zones 2 and 3, be checked once each day (daily) and that traps in the Upper Peninsula (Zone 1) be checked once within each 48-hour period. 

* Closing the coyote hunting season in Zone 2 during the firearm deer season (Nov. 15-30).

The DNR is committed to the conservation, protection, management, use and enjoyment of the state's natural resources for current and future generations.


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