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Re: E-M:/ soothing the feathers of the farm bureau

Enviro-Mich message from John Gear <jmgear@acd.net>

Interesting -- that press release quotes the director of MDEQ saying thus

I think it's fair to say that the DEQ has been open and inclusive and has done a lot of outreach to agriculture by supporting MAEAP," he said. "We've also given $4 million to the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) and have set up several different working groups intended to encourage dialogue between us and the agriculture community," he said. "We are convinced that the economics of farming means that farms will get larger and larger, but it's not necessarily the size of the operation that concerns us, but whether it can be conducted to comply with water quality standards. Ultimately, our goal is to protect water quality."

The "economics" that dictates bigger and bigger just makes our future more precarious when energy becomes scarce ...


MDEQ's Steve Chester tells the Farm Bureau that Michigan's
proposed revisions to concentrated animal feeding operation
permitting public information and participation requirements
will, for all practical purposes, not supply enough information about
best management practices at CAFO operations to allow either
effective permit evaluation or practical enforceability of Clean Water
Act required best management practices.....for example of soil phosphorus/animal waste application matters.


Although not in the article, apparently the CAFO-people are recently putting up a straw man on the issue of so-called "agricultural bioterrorism" as being an excuse
not to provide public information sufficient to enforce public participation and enforcement requirements to meet Clean Water Act requirements.

Quite frankly, given the proclivity of modern cafo-related operations to produce antibiotic resistant bacteria, to allow pathogen transport to surface and groundwaters, to pollute surface waters with phosphorus leading to toxic algae formation, to pollute groundwater with nitrates, to spread toxic air pollution to surrounding areas, to have spills causing fish kills, to allow uncontrolled release of veterinary medicines and animal hormones to the environment and other deleterious impacts, the CAFO industry ought give itself a good long look in the mirror when making any allegations about terrorists and terrorism.


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