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E-M:/ MDEQ data request -- impaired streams & lakes??

Hello Michigan

Please see below -- are there streams and rivers and lakes in your area that are impaired and need to be listed on the state's 303(d) list? 


If there is a water quality issue and if beneficial uses have been lost, like swimming, drinking, fishing, use as irrigation for crops, drinking or cooling water for livestock, or process water for industry , and the state has supporting data for the impairment - then a water body should be listed on the state's list of impaired waters, known as the 303(d) list.  That listing then sets the stage for the development of a TMDL for the contaminant causing the impairment - that's a plan for a total maximum daily load, that is a plan to restore the water body.


Note that the state has data-acceptability standards that must be followed – yet it’s ok to submit your information.  It’s up to the MDEQ to decide whether your information is acceptable or not.  If your data are not used this time around, it may trigger investigation for the next time the report is prepared – 2 years from now. See below for more information.


-Rita Jack

Michigan Sierra Club



From MDEQ Calendar July 11, 2005:  http://www.michigan.gov/deq/0,1607,7-135-3308_3325-121824--,00.htmlhttp://www.michigan.gov/deq/0,1607,7-135-3308_3325-121824--,00.html



All supporting data are DUE by SEPTEMBER 6, 2005


SECTION 303(D) AND SECTION 305(B) INTEGRATED REPORT - AMBIENT WATER QUALITY MONITORING DATA REQUEST. The Water Bureau (WB) is commencing the biennial review of available ambient water quality monitoring data or information for the purpose of preparing Michigan’s Year 2006 Integrated Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 303(d) List and Section 305(b) Water Quality and Pollution Control Report. The WB is interested in obtaining credible ambient water quality monitoring data or information that has been obtained over the past five years. Depending upon the data source, the quality of the data, and the quantity of values for each parameter tested, the data or information may be used to determine if the water body to which the information applies is meeting Michigan’s Water Quality Standards. All data or information received by September 6, 2005, will be included in the review process.


This is the only opportunity for the public to provide data and information for the current assessment cycle.


Data or information received after September 6, 2005, will be considered during the subsequent biennial review. Hard copies of data and information, along with a cover letter describing content, may be sent to John Wuycheck, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Water Bureau, P.O. Box 30273, Lansing, Michigan 48907-7773. Electronic submittals may also be sent electronically to wuychecj@michigan.gov. Information Contact: John Wuycheck, Water Bureau, 517‑335‑4195, or Email at wuychecj@michigan.gov.










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