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E-M:/ New Website for democrats and progressives in Mid Michigan

------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enviro-Mich message from Phil Shepard ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Lansing Progressive Connection is pleased to announce the publication of a new website www.lapn.net
for democratic and progressive activists in Mid Michigan.  

Our site seeks to facilitate networking between local activists and to provide convenient tools that can boost our effectiveness. We hope you will find it a helpful gateway to the Lansing democratic and progressive community.

The site's online Directory has entries for more than a hundred Mid-Michigan groups. You can use it online to find web sites of local groups, email addresses and phone numbers of contact persons, and other basic information about the groups. We invite your additions or corrections to the directory.

Our signature listserve - LPC-A for Local Activity - and our Calendar of upcoming events can keep you in touch with the full sweep of progressive, grassroots, civic action in Mid Michigan. We invite your group to add events to the calendar.  You can subscribe to the listserve at www.lapn.net/LPCnewsadd.html.

Our site also provides easy access to the alternative news that is available online. Using our favorite alternative news links and our second listserve - LPC-L for Liberal News,  you can explore the wealth of internet news that's available and make your own choices about how much of it you want to sample.

For activists who participate in the actions and campaigns of national progressive groups, our third listserve - LPC-N for National Action - provides an easy way to stay in touch with a full spectrum of liberal, national initiatives.

If you want to reduce email traffic, a daily digest is available for each of the three lists. With the daily digest you get all the previous day's email bundled into one message.

The site has other features to explore and we plan to add many more. With your help and the gift of your participation, we can make much fuller use of the efficient networking potential of the internet. We believe the potential is enormous. Together we can raise the standard of cooperation among democractic and progressive groups in this area to a whole new level. With your support, we can do an even better job of stopping the right wing takeover and take back our country for everyone, not just the privileged few.

Please take a look at the Progressive Connection today. Check back frequently, bookmark the Directory page and the Calendar.  Subscribe to the lists that best meet your needs. Ask your friends and family to do so as well. Forward this message to anyone in mid-Michigan who might be interested!

Text version of the main links:

For all the Lansing Progressive Connection volunteers,

Phil Shepard

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