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Enviro-Mich message from John Gear <jmgear@acd.net>


MDI NEWS RELEASE - On September 20, a car with an air-compressed engine,
invented by the Frenchman Guy Negre, will be presented in London. The MDI
car can reach a speed of 68 mph and has a road coverage of roughly 124 miles
-some 8 hours of travel - which is more than double the road coverage of an
electric car. When recharging the tank, the car needs to be connected to the
mains for 3 to 4 hours or attached to an air pump in a petrol station for
only 2 minutes.

Economy and the ecological benefits are the main advantages for the client
since the car's maintenance cost is 10 times less than that of a petrol-run
car, costing 1 pound for the car to travel for up to 8 hours or to cover 124
miles in an urban area.

Compressed air is stored in fiber tanks. The expansion of this air pushes
the pistons and creates movement. The atmospheric temperature is used to
re-heat the engine and increase the road coverage. The air conditioning
system makes use of the expelled cold air. Due to the absence of combustion
and the fact there is no pollution, the oil change is only necessary every
31,000 miles.

At the moment, four models have been made: a car, a taxi (5 passengers), a
pick-up truck and a van. The final selling price will be approximately 5,500

"Moteur Development International" is a company founded in Luxembourg, based
in the south of France and with its commercial office in Barcelona. MDI has
researched and developed the Air Car over 10 years and the technology is
protected by more than 30 International patents.

It is predicted that the factory will produce 3.000 cars each year, with 70
staff working only one 8-hour shift a day. If there were 3 shifts some 9,000
cars could be produced a year.

www.theaircar.com (English)

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