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E-M:/ Call on Sen Levin and Stabenow to oppose wasteful and harmful energy bill

The federal energy bill is likely to be voted on this week. 


Not only does the energy bill fail to take any meaningful steps to reduce America’s dependence on oil, address the threat of global warming or shift to clean energy alternatives, but the bill undermines the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Water Act, National Forest protections, and states’ rights.  It costs tens of billions of tax dollars and achieves very little benefit.  (Specific harmful provisions listed below.)


Please call Senators Levin and Stabenow and urge them to oppose this bad legislation and to support a filibuster if needed.



From the front page of today’s Washington Post:  Bill Wouldn't Wean U.S. Off Oil Imports, Analysts Say

By Justin Blum

“Despite repeated calls by President Bush and members of Congress to decrease U.S. dependence on oil imports, a major energy bill that appears headed for passage this week would not significantly reduce the country's need for foreign oil, according to analysts and interest groups. . . .”



Many Terrible Provisions Already in the Energy Bill– 7/25/05


  1. Threatens drinking water by amending the Safe Drinking Water Act to allow the underground injection of diesel fuel and other chemicals during oil and gas development. [Section 322]


  1. Exempts oil and gas construction activities from the Clean Water Act [Section 323]


  1. May provide backdoor immunity to the producers, distributors and users of the likely carcinogenic gasoline additive MTBE by removing MTBE claims from state court to federal court -- when the claims are based on state tort law, nuisance law, or consumer law.  This unfairly deprives injured parties and their representatives (water utilities, states AGs, etc) of their right to have their claims heard in their state forum.  (Sec. 1504)


  1. Repeals the Public Utility Holding Company Act, the main law to protect consumers from market manipulation, fraud, and abuse in the electricity sector.[Section 1263]


  1. Gives away $550 million in subsidies to timber companies that could be used to log old growth and roadless areas in our national forests for energy production. [Section 210]


  1. Provides incentives to cut down trees in sensitive areas such as roadless areas to use in ethanol and motor fuels production [Section 1513]


  1. Increases air pollution and global warming with more than $6 billion in new incentives to burn coal for electricity without adequate pollution controls. [Coal and R&D titles]


  1. Increases America's oil dependence by 130,000 barrels of oil per day in 2014 through extending the 'dual-fuel' loophole.  [Title VII, Sec. 772]


  1. Promotes nuclear proliferation by reversing long-standing U.S. policy against reprocessing waste from commercial nuclear reactors, and using plutonium to generate commercial energy. [Sec. 953]


  1. Tramples on states’ abilities to protect their coasts from harmful oil and gas exploration by weakening their voice about federal projects that affect their coasts. [Section 381]


  1. Pre-empts state authority in the siting and construction of LNG facilities [Section 311]


  1. Pre-empts states’ rights by providing federal siting authority for transmission lines [Section 1221].


  1. Provides billions in new subsidies for the nuclear industry [Nuclear Title]


  1. Extends the Price Anderson Act which limits the nuclear industry’s liability in case of an accident [Nuclear Title]


  1. Allows oil industry to forgo royalty payments to the federal Treasury for oil drilled areas off Alaska’s coastline [Section 346]





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