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Re: E-M:/ Sound Science?

"Sound Science" is a ridiculous misnomer.  Either it is science or it isn't.  Here's some examples of "sound science": Gravity works.  When an apple falls and hits you on the head, you know it's true.  The moon and satellites rotate in orbit.  Look at the moon and you know it's true.  Look at the sun rising and setting and you know that it's the earth that's turning, not the sun.  You know that it's true.  Tides rise and fall on known cycles.  That's the truth. 
But is it true that dioxins in the sediments of the Tittabawssee do not cause environmental or human health problems?  Dow's "sound science" "proves" that it does not. It just goes to show that scientists can become the same as lawyers - many of us will argue any case and design studies to demonstrate predetermined proofs, as long as we are paid enough.