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E-M:/ Message on Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>


Less than 50 days from now, members of the House and Senate will cast the final 
decisive vote on the future of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

There won't be any more second chances.

The purpose of this email isn't to ask you to do anything. I just want to share 
with you the challenge that lies before us. Then, in the days and weeks ahead, 
I'll be sharing our plan of action with you, and calling on you to play a key 
role in helping save the Arctic Refuge.

Either we will win this upcoming vote or we will lose the Arctic Refuge to 
massive oil development and senseless destruction. That's not an outcome that 
you and I can tolerate. So, it is imperative that we demonstrate the strength, 
spirit and passion of NRDC Members and the NRDC Action Fund community over the 
next seven weeks.

It's time to show the Bush Administration, the oil companies and their allies 
in Congress that we will never let their relentless scheming succeed in 
destroying America's greatest sanctuary for caribou, polar bears, white wolves 
and other Arctic wildlife.

As things stand right now, there is a serious danger that the Arctic Refuge 
will fall victim to one of the oldest political tricks in the book.

The House and Senate have passed a "budget resolution" that paves the way for 
oil drilling in the Refuge. However, to complete its raid on the Arctic, 
Congress must still pass a "budget reconciliation" bill that formally opens the 
Refuge to drilling.

But the Bush Administration and its Congressional allies are trying to declare 
the battle over. They are working hard to create a sense of inevitability about 
the Refuge's fate, hoping to break the spirit of its environmental protectors 
before the decisive vote in mid-September. Don't be fooled!

Their sneak attack on the Refuge back in the spring carried the day by only 
five votes in the Senate and a mere three votes in the 435-member House. 
They're in the fight of their lives and they know it! Our job is to make sure 
that the American people know it, too, because 72 percent of the public is 
opposed to sacrificing the Arctic Refuge as part of the budget process.

That's why it is absolutely essential that you join together with other NRDC 
Members and NRDC Action Fund supporters all across the nation in an all-out 
effort to defeat this budget bill.

We will be using each and every one of the 49 days between now and the decisive 
vote to put pressure on members of the House and Senate to save the Arctic 

This week is especially critical. It's the last week that Congress is in 
Washington before its summer recess. We have to send every member of the House 
and Senate home with a powerful message:  When you come back in September, come 
prepared to cast one of the most critical environmental votes of your career.

Later this week, I will send you an email providing you with an opportunity to 
help get that message across in dramatic fashion. But, right now, what's most 
critical is that you -- as a leading environmental advocate in your community --
 understand what these next several weeks are all about.

Make sure everyone you know understands that the final "make-or-break" vote on 
the Arctic Refuge is less than 50 days away. Make it clear to them that a 
passionate, spirited campaign over the next seven weeks can turn the most 
serious threat the Arctic Refuge has ever faced into one of the most powerful 
victories the environmental community has ever won.

In mid-September, when the House and Senate vote, the future of the Arctic 
Refuge will be in their hands. But, right now, it is in ours.

Let's promise each other that we will do everything in our power to turn last 
April's narrow defeats into a compelling September victory for one of America's 
greatest natural treasures.


John Adams
NRDC Action Fund

P.S.  Please watch your email for Refuge Action Alerts in the weeks ahead -- 
and pay special attention to the critical message we'll be sending you later 
this week.

. . .

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