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Re: E-M:/ Sound Science?

In a message dated 7/27/2005 4:58:36 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, rickplecha98@yahoo.com writes:
Always ask, "Who stands to gain from this?" Is it the public?  Is it the environment?  Or is it the one responsible for causing the problem, crisis, or the product in the first place.
There is science as presented by public advocates using standard methods and then there is bias/spin science presented by 'biostitutes' - biologist turned prostitute for polluters, developers, etc.  Examples are the White Lake tannery fight.  A couple years ago company supporters hired a noted MSU professor (I recognized from my former MSU F&W staff) with blah-blah credentials that tried to dispute the need to dredge tannery bay on behalf of the company.  Last night at Whitehall city council meeting the marina developer stated they have also hired a MSU fishery biologist with blah blah credentials (biostitute for enough money) that will say that the proposed huge marina development will have no impact on the fishery refuge and how great the marina will be for White Lake.  It is just the American way that money can buy off (directly or indirectly) so called 'experts', local city officials, and politicians that will say anything for a price using 'their' science.  Finally, I also went to MSU, but so far the tannery marina developer hasn't offered me enough money yet to switch sides.  Naw, I wouldn't really do that. :)