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Re: E-M:/ RE: / Judges side with state in wetlands development case

Enviro-Mich message from JBull51264@aol.com

It was a pretty blatant case too.  The owners knew full well that they were 
purchasing a parcel of land that had large areas of wetlands that could not be 
developed.   They claim the state diminished the value of the land.  The land 
never had the value they claimed.  If a developer buys a parcel with a lake on 
it would that developer be able to assume he could fill it in to put up a 
shopping mall, and charge the state for not letting him do so.  Just crazy.   
There is a latin phrase that should cover this situation:  "caveat emptor," or 
"Let the buyer beware."   This case has been going on for 15 years I think.   As 
I recall it had to do with the owner wanting to fill in wetlands to build a 
restaurant in Oakland County.

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