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E-M:/ Energy Bill passes US Senate: Sad Day for our environment

Enviro-Mich message from "Anne Woiwode" <Anne.Woiwode@sierraclub.org>

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          Statement of Carl Pope, Executive Director, Sierra Club

"America needs a safer, cleaner, and more secure energy future. Sadly, the
energy bill that has emerged from the House and Senate conference committee
fails on all counts. Instead of cutting America's oil dependence, boosting
production of renewable energy, and lowering energy prices, this bill
funnels billions of taxpayer dollars to polluting energy industries, and
opens up our coastlines and wildlands to destructive oil and gas

"If Congress believes that this bill will lower gas prices or cut America's
oil dependence, then the heat wave must be affecting their judgement.

"Americans don't want to give free reign to the energy industry to spend
their tax dollars and evade environmental and consumer protections. What
they want is for Congress to address high energy costs by putting real
solutions to work. The energy bill conference failed on multiple occasions
to demonstrate that kind of leadership and as a result produced a bill that
continues America's downward spiral of increasing oil dependence and rising

"It's unfortunate that, as Americans head to the beach for summer vacation,
their representatives in Congress are considering opening up these very
coasts to destructive oil and gas drilling. Approving an inventory of oil
and gas reserves off America's coasts - a destructive process itself - is
the first step toward dismantling decades of important coastal protections.

"We urge members of Congress to do everything in their power to reject this
destructive and backwards energy bill. It's time to start over with a
smarter, cleaner, safer, and cheaper energy policy that puts innovation and
technology to work."


$2.32: Average retail price for regular gasoline, up 39 cents over the last
year. (Energy Information Administration (EIA) - www.eia.doe.gov)

$2,873: Amount average family of four will spend on gasoline this year
(Consumer Expenditure Survey from Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Energy
Information Administration)

$59.40: Price per barrel of crude oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange,
up $18.30 from last year. (EIA & Bloomberg News - www.bloomberg.com/energy/


58%: Total U.S. dependence on net imports of foreign oil in 2005. Up from
44.5% in 1995. (EIA)

25%: The percentage of world oil production consumed by the United States

3%: Percentage of world?s oil reserves located in the United States (EIA)

130,000: Additional barrels of oil consumed per day by the United States as
a result of the energy bill extending loopholes for the auto industry that
weaken federal fuel economy standards (Sec. 772)


$25.3 billion: Exxon Mobil's record-setting profits last year

$3.4 billion: Fourth-quarter 2004 profit for Chevron-Texaco Corp, double
the profit for the same quarter of the previous year.

218%: Exxon Mobil profit increase last year

145%: ConocoPhillips profit increase last year

51%: Shell profit increase last year

39%: ChevronTexaco profit increase last year

35%: BP profit increase last year


$80 billion: Total money (tax breaks, direct spending, and authorizations)
currently in the energy bill conference report to polluting energy
industries. $66.3 billion in authorized spending, $11.68 billion in the tax
package, and $2 billion in the Administration?s new nuclear risk insurance
provisions. (Taxpayers for Common Sense - www.taxpayer.net)

$3 billion: Cost to taxpayers to conduct an invasive oil and gas inventory
along the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) even though these coastal areas are
currently under a decades old drilling moratorium.

$0: Total royalty payments from the oil and gas industry for deep water
exploration on public lands (Sec. 345) and for oil drilled areas off
Alaska?s coastline (Section 346) since the energy bill allows the industry
to forgo royalty payments for these activities.


$52.3 million: Amount the oil and gas industry contributed to political
candidates in 2004 (Center for Responsive Politics - www.opensecrets.org)

$314.4 million: Amount the energy and natural resources industries spent on
lobbying in 2003 and 2004. (Bloomberg News)

                                   # # #

For the house vote count go to:

Akaka           Democrat      Hawaii                        Y
Alexander       Republican    Tennessee                     Y
Allard          Republican    Colorado                      Y
Allen           Republican    Virginia                      Y
Baucus          Democrat      Montana                       Y
Bayh            Democrat      Indiana                       Y
Bennett         Republican    Utah                          Y
Bingaman        Democrat      New Mexico                    Y
Bond            Republican    Missouri                      Y
Brownback       Republican    Kansas                        Y
Bunning         Republican    Kentucky                      Y
Burns           Republican    Montana                       Y
Burr            Republican    North Carolina                Y
Byrd            Democrat      West Virginia                 Y
Cantwell        Democrat      Washington                    Y
Chambliss       Republican    Georgia                       Y
Coburn          Republican    Oklahoma                      Y
Cochran         Republican    Mississippi                   Y
Coleman         Republican    Minnesota                     Y
Collins         Republican    Maine                         Y
Conrad          Democrat      North Dakota                  Y
Cornyn          Republican    Texas                         Y
Craig           Republican    Idaho                         Y
Crapo           Republican    Idaho                         Y
Dayton          Democrat      Minnesota                     Y
DeMint          Republican    South Carolina                Y
DeWine          Republican    Ohio                          Y
Dole            Republican    North Carolina                Y
Domenici        Republican    New Mexico                    Y
Dorgan          Democrat      North Dakota                  Y
Durbin          Democrat      Illinois                      Y
Ensign          Republican    Nevada                        Y
Enzi            Republican    Wyoming                       Y
Frist           Republican    Tennessee                     Y
Graham          Republican    South Carolina                Y
Grassley        Republican    Iowa                          Y
Hagel           Republican    Nebraska                      Y
Harkin          Democrat      Iowa                          Y
Hatch           Republican    Utah                          Y
Hutchison       Republican    Texas                         Y
Inhofe          Republican    Oklahoma                      Y
Inouye          Democrat      Hawaii                        Y
Isakson         Republican    Georgia                       Y
Johnson         Democrat      South Dakota                  Y
Kohl            Democrat      Wisconsin                     Y
Landrieu        Democrat      Louisiana                     Y
Levin           Democrat      Michigan                      Y
Lieberman       Democrat      Connecticut                   Y
Lincoln         Democrat      Arkansas                      Y
Lott            Republican    Mississippi                   Y
Lugar           Republican    Indiana                       Y
McConnell       Republican    Kentucky                      Y
Mikulski        Democrat      Maryland                      Y
Murkowski       Republican    Alaska                        Y
Nelson (NE)     Democrat      Nebraska                      Y
Obama           Democrat      Illinois                      Y
Pryor           Democrat      Arkansas                      Y
Roberts         Republican    Kansas                        Y
Rockefeller     Democrat      West Virginia                 Y
Salazar         Democrat      Colorado                      Y
Santorum        Republican    Pennsylvania                  Y
Sessions        Republican    Alabama                       Y
Shelby          Republican    Alabama                       Y
Smith           Republican    Oregon                        Y
Snowe           Republican    Maine                         Y
Specter         Republican    Pennsylvania                  Y
Stabenow        Democrat      Michigan                      Y
Stevens         Republican    Alaska                        Y
Talent          Republican    Missouri                      Y
Thomas          Republican    Wyoming                       Y
Thune           Republican    South Dakota                  Y
Vitter          Republican    Louisiana                     Y
Voinovich       Republican    Ohio                          Y
Warner          Republican    Virginia                      Y

Biden           Democrat      Delaware                      N
Boxer           Democrat      California                    N
Carper          Democrat      Delaware                      N
Chafee          Republican    Rhode Island                  N
Clinton         Democrat      New York                      N
Corzine         Democrat      New Jersey                    N
Dodd            Democrat      Connecticut                   N
Feingold        Democrat      Wisconsin                     N
Feinstein       Democrat      California                    N
Gregg           Republican    New Hampshire                 N
Jeffords        Independent   Vermont                       N
Kennedy         Democrat      Massachusetts                 N
Kerry           Democrat      Massachusetts                 N
Kyl             Republican    Arizona                       N
Lautenberg      Democrat      New Jersey                    N
Leahy           Democrat      Vermont                       N
Martinez        Republican    Florida                       N
McCain          Republican    Arizona                       N
Murray          Democrat      Washington                    N
Nelson (FL)     Democrat      Florida                       N
Reed            Democrat      Rhode Island                  N
Reid            Democrat      Nevada                        N
Sarbanes        Democrat      Maryland                      N
Schumer         Democrat      New York                      N
Sununu          Republican    New Hampshire                 N
Wyden           Democrat      Oregon                        N

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