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E-M:/ Release: Congress Passes Disastrous Energy Bill


July 29, 2005                                                   Kate Madigan, PIRGIM, 517-664-2600





Lansing, MIThe day after ExxonMobil posted record-breaking profits, the U.S. Congress has passed an energy bill that rewards Exxon and other big oil companies with $4 billion in new subsidies.


“As Americans dig deeper into their pockets to pay their utility bills and fill up their gas tanks, Senators Levin and Stabenow voted for a bill that keeps the oil and utility companies in the driver’s seat,” said Kate Madigan, PIRGIM Environmental Advocate.  “As gasoline prices careen out of control, the bill keeps America speeding down the wrong road toward more oil consumption, more drilling, and more pollution.” 


Instead of adopting the Senate passed renewable energy standard to increase clean renewable energy generation, the bill forces American taxpayers to subsidize the construction of six new nuclear plants and more than a dozen coal plants. 


Instead of requiring reductions in global warming pollution, the bill provides more than $13.1 billion in new tax breaks for the major sources of this pollution, the oil, coal and gas industry.


The bill also paves the way for future drilling off currently protected coastlines and preempts states rights in siting dangerous Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facilities and transmission lines.  


“In this bill, the big winners are Big Oil and the coal and nuclear industries, while American consumers and our environment pay the price,” continued Madigan.


The one bright spot in this bill is that it makes permanent the ban on Great Lakes drilling. A temporary ban on drilling was passed in 2001, and was set to expire in 2007. An amendment by Michigan Congressman Bart Stupak bans permits for oil and gas drilling in or under the Great Lakes, and was added to the energy bill despite attempts by Michigan’s own Congressman Mike Rogers to block permanent protections from drilling.



PIRGIM is a non-profit, non-partisan public interest advocacy group in Michigan.


For up to date analysis of the energy bill:http://newenergyfuture.com/newenergy.asp?id2=16790&id3=energy&




Kate Madigan

PIRGIM Environmental Advocate

119 Pere Marquette Drive, Suite 3B

Lansing, MI 48912