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E-M:/ Significant PM 2.5 Air Pollution Episode Presently in Michigan

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

At 10:14 AM Wednesday, indications from MDEQ's air monitoring site are that
a very significant PM 2.5 air pollution episode is presently being 
experienced in Michigan.   All Michigan near real time PM 2.5 
monitors except at Kalamazoo, are showing Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups -- 
Code Orange PM 2.5 air pollution for the last 24 hours.   This extends all the way up to 
Seney National Wildlife Refuge in the Eastern Upper Peninsula.   It includes 
PM 2.5 monitors at Dearborn, Allen Park, Port Huron, Ypsilanti, Lansing, Holland
Grand Rapids, Saginaw, Flint, Houghton Lake and Seney National Wildlife Refuge.
The Lansing and Grand Rapids monitors do show some evidence of quality problems
[1 hour of data with "slope check" issue].  Kalamazoo also shows
some indication of quality problems.  All data at all sites is unvalidated.

Grand Rapids has the highest 24 hour average PM 2.5 at this hour.
Dearborn, Saginaw and Lansing are all just a bit lower than the 
PM 2.5 Grand Rapids indication.

http://www.deq.state.mi.us/aqi/   [note...the green indicators are for this morning's ozone...not pm 2.5]

EPA's airnow site shows Code Orange PM 2.5 also in 
Eastern Wisconsin, the Chicago Metro area and northern Indiana.


[select "lake michigan" and "pm 2.5" to see area pm 2.5 outside of michigan]

Human exposure to PM 2.5 is associated with significant morbidity and mortality...

Health damage and mortality effects of PM 2.5 air pollution:

As noted by the American Lung Association, current PM 2.5 health protection standards do not
currently provide adequate protection of public health because they allow ambient concentrations of 
pollution that are too high.   These are pollutants that are known to cause increases in morbidity 
and mortality....see, for example, studies at      http://www.healtheffects.org/pubs-special.htm

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