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E-M:/ At 1:14 AM the Dirtiest Air in Michigan is at........

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Late night air quality report...

At 1:14 AM the Dirtiest Air in Michigan is at........

for ozone....

Seney National Wildlife Refuge in the Eastern Upper Peninsula
has a 95 ppb 8 hour average for ozone.....and spent 4 hours at
100 ppb or over earlier this evening.   If I were a betting man [i'm not], I'd
think that Escanaba got hit as well tonight, but there is no ozone 
monitor there.    This is all from Chicago/over Lake Michigan transport.
Seney is also code orange tonight for PM 2.5 as well.   Must be 
a bad night for bears and campers with asthma.

for PM 2.5

Dearborn, closely trailed by Saginaw, are still both over 60 ug/m3
for pm 2.5 this late in the evening.

MDEQ forecast an ozone action day in west michigan on Wednesday, 
but no ozone 8 hour averages went over the 85 ppb standard.   Seney 
had the highest 8 hour average followed by Port Huron, which also went 
over the 85 ppb standard on the east side of the state where no ozone action 
day was called.

At this hour, nearly all of the state's PM 2.5 monitors are still up above the 
Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups- Code Orange Level.

Michigan is the most pm 2.5 polluted state in the United States tonight.

Starting at 7 PM,  Dearborn had 1 hour readings of 86, 99, 100, 98 and 84 micrograms/
cubic meter for PM 2.5.....this is very high air pollution.   The 24 hour average
is going to continue to climb and Dearborn will go Code Red -- Unhealthy 
air pollution by about 2-3 AM this morning.   EPA's Airnow is already showing
Dearborn as Code Red.   Airnow is also showing extensive Code Red and Code 
Orange PM 2.5 throughout southern Ontario between Sarnia to Grand Bend and 
Tiverton all the way over to the East Toronto area....although code red may be 
defined on a different basis in Canada than in the US....Airnow is showing 3 hour 
averages in Canada for Code Red for PM 2.5.

There's some precipitation/storm activity now visible coming in over Lake Michigan which may 
give some relief from the current episode.

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