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E-M:/ Loophole opens door for landfill expansion

Two related articles by HUGH McDIARMID JR.
In the early 1990s, in return for permission to open the Woodland Meadows Landfill, Waste Management Inc. funded a flurry of environmental projects. They included the placement of 57 acres of wooded land -- about half of it wetlands -- into a conservation easement to protect it.
But a loophole was written into the easement: If Wayne County determined there was "a compelling public need" for landfill expansion into the wetlands, Waste Management could seek one.
Owners want landfill option; others opposed
The owners of a landfill in Wayne County have an option to buy 445 acres of stunning Lake St. Clair marsh.
But there's a hitch: They're offering to purchase and protect the privately owned coastal marsh along Anchor Bay if the state compensates them by allowing them to fill 31 acres of wetlands at Woodland Meadows Landfill in Van Buren Township.