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E-M:/ GM Rumor of Boycott against Lansing State Journal


How sensitive is the plummeting auto maker? Very.

Buried on 8D of today's LSJ is a small one graph story titled, GM Disavows newspaper boycott.

The article reports that Story Automotive Group Chairman Leo Jerome "said a top-level GM executive in Lansing called for the boycott. "His feelings were shared by (dealers," Jerome said.

LSJ hit the phones and called GM (aware, no doubt, of how the LA Times recently lost $10 million in ads after GM pulled its ads in response to criticism of GM in the newspaper). GM spokesperson, Brian Akre calmed their fears and assured the LSJ that "GM does not authorize or support an ad boycott of the Journal."

What upset them so?

This Sunday, August 21st edition in which readers were given a chance to give GM CEO Rick Wagoner advice about his sinking ship.  See:


There were comments like this one:

"Stop outsourcing our jobs. For every job you send out of this country and lay that person off, that is one more that cannot buy your cars. Stop cutting off the hand that feeds you."
Charles Fuller, Holt

And to think, the Lansing State Journal is a company town paper, with total allegiance to the capitalist exploiter. . .indeed they often provide a telling semiotic with their booster tales about the giant,: "LansinGMichigan."

This past August Gannett brought in a new President and Publisher, Leslie Hurst, from the Idaho Statesman. . .as part of the same shake-up that switched ownership of the Detroit Free Press and the News. No doubt Hurst was in for a shock at the flak for her piece. . .Dissent not permitted in the corporate press. . . .for more see:



Brian McKenna