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E-M:/ Water & the Privatization of Everything


See this important piece in yesterday's CounterPunch
The Privatization of Everything
Reagan and Bottled Water

For local angles, Dave Dempsey's excellent blog details the privatization of water issue on a daily basis

We live in a culture of neoliberalism, which basically means, capitalism with the gloves off. Privatization is a central ingredient in the stew. Its cousins are class warfare from above (union busting, appalling transfers of wealth to the indolent rich, conversion of citizens into consumers, permanent war for permanent peace, concentration of the media mind managers like Gannett. . .well, you know the song. .

Enviros are one of the few segments of the population that "think the totality," that is, citizens who are aware that every environmental question, be it water, air, land or toxics . . .is related to everything else. . .

In order to more effectively battle the domestic proto-fascists, we need to think more theoretically. Here's a good article by education activist Henry Giroux in the crisis.

Neoliberalism and the Demise of Democracy:
Resurrecting Hope in Dark Times


Brian McKenna