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E-M:/ Agricultural Stratospheric Ozone Destroyers

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

In today's federal register, EPA published a direct final rule 
and proposed rule establishing "critical use exemptions" for 
applicants to use methyl bromide, a material which destroys
the stratospheric ozone layer that protects people and the 
environment from ultraviolet radiation from the sun.....this 
is the ultimate in non-sustainable agriculture......literally, 
taking "slob" agriculture to new heights in the stratosphere.....



Notables from Michigan are in on the ozone destruction.   Those 
applying for such allowances to continue using this material 
which should be completely banned in commerce are:

[from the federal register notice]

"Michigan Pepper Growers/Michigan Eggplant Growers

    EPA is including these sectors separately in Appendix L. Initially 
the request for eggplant and pepper growers in Michigan was included 
with the request for tomato growers, but the sectors are distinct. The 
request is for areas where fungal pathogen infestation is moderate to 

Michigan Herbaceous Perennials

    The U.S. government nominated this group because the currently 
registered alternatives do not provide adequate treatment for the 
numerous plant species grown. Research trials for efficacy are ongoing 
for alternatives not yet registered. The request was for areas where 
pest pressure is moderate to severe. These growers comprise part of the 
forest seedling sector but did not submit a CUE application to EPA in 
2002, during the first round. They are not currently listed in Column B 
of Appendix L."

Apparently these eggplant, pepper and forest seedling growers don't 
know how to grow their crops without also destroying the ozone layer.

The complete list of applicants for such allowances are:

California Cut Flower Commission
National Country Ham Association
Wayco Ham Company
California Date Commission
National Pest Management Association
Michigan Pepper Growers
Michigan Eggplant Growers
Burley & Dark Tobacco USA--transplant trays
Burley & Dark Tobacco USA--field grown
Virginia Tobacco Growers--transplant trays
Michigan Herbaceous Perennials
Ozark Country Hams
Nahunta Pork Center
American Association of Meat Processors

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