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E-M:/ Fwd: ALERT! Trash-O-Meter Hits 4 Million Tons Today

Enviro-Mich message from Debra Kish <dkish@med.wayne.edu>

I just received this.

The 4-millionth ton of garbage from Canada and other states entered Michigan at noon today, Aug. 30. Since the start of this year, the tide of other people's trash has flooded unchecked into our beautiful state. At this pace, Canada and other states will send more trash into Michigan in 2005 than the 6-million-plus tons they dumped on us in 2004. /YOU/ can join the fight and take action to stem the tide of Canadian and out-of-state garbage. Please write and call your legislator. Call your public officials and tell them to act to protect Michigan, our land and water, our families and communities, and our way of life from imported trash. Tell them you support the House Democrats' bills to fight the growing mountains of Canadian and out-of-state garbage. TAKE ACTION! Go to: http://www.trash-o-meter.com/ {http://www.trash-o-meter.com/} The five anti-trash bills would: Raise the dumping charge from 21 cents a ton to $7.50. Michigan is a magnet for Canadian and out-of-state garbage because it's cheap. Surrounding states charge significantly more. Ban new landfills until 2010. Michigan has enough landfill space for our citizens' needs for another 19 years. Banning new landfills will yank the welcome mat away from the garbage lobby. Return money to local communities for local needs and to improve recycling. Our communities have suffered for years because the Canadian and out-of-state trash trade is ruining our roads and bridges, threatens our land and water, and harms our quality of life. Give Michigan the tools to enforce our regulations better and more efficiently. Get tough on people who send banned and dangerous items to our landfills. Here's a brief timeline of the House Democrats' battle to push through their anti-trash legislation against repeated Republican stonewalling: *Feb. 21, 2005*: House Democrats announce legislation to fight Canadian and out-of-state garbage. *Feb. 22, 2005**:* Department of Environmental Quality report shows Canada and other states sent more than 6 million tons of garbage to Michigan in 2004 ? 17 percent more than in 2003. *Feb. 24, 2005*: The /Detroit Free Press/, Michigan's largest daily newspaper, supports House Democrats' anti-trash legislation in a Feb. 24 editorial. The /Free Press/ says Michigan must stop being a cheap place to dump trash. Other newspaper editorials supporting the legislation follow, including the /Bay City Times/ and the /Grand Rapids Press/. *May 9, 2005*: Michigan Recycling Partnership poll shows 96 percent of Michigan voters want action against Canadian garbage; 70 percent say they're willing to pay higher dumping charge to cut trash and boost recycling. *May 10, 2005*: Five House Democrats introduce anti-trash bills. Republicans publicly promise to kill the bills, dismissing imported trash as a "perceived problem." (/Gongwer News Service/.) *May 16, 2005*: House Democrats launch a new Trash-O-Meter to rally public support and pressure Republicans to act on the anti-trash bills. *May 18, 2005*: Democrats use a discharge motion to free the bills for a full House vote. Republicans vote against the bills. *May 18, 2005*: Toronto renews 3-year contract to keep sending all 1.1 million tons of its trash to Carleton Farms Landfill. *June 23, 2005*: Republicans ignore state Constitution, refuse to vote on anti-trash bills despite Democrats' petition with enough signatures. *June 28, 2005*: House Democrats call on Attorney General to investigate whether Republicans broke the law when they blocked the anti-trash petition. *Aug. 15, 2005*: Trash-O-Meter tours the U.P., continuing its tireless statewide trek to rally public support in the fight against imported garbage. *Aug. 30, 2005*: Trash-O-Meter shows 4 million tons of garbage have entered Michigan from Canada and other states since Jan. 1, 2005.

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