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E-M:/ Governor announces statewide resource coordination effort

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Subject: Governor announces statewide resource coordination effort


September 2, 2005


Governor Announces Statewide Resource Coordination Effort, Michigan Hurricane Helpline, and Statewide “Michigan Cares/Michigan Gives On-Air Fund Raising Drive


LANSING – Governor Jennifer M. Granholm this morning outlined Michigan’s relief efforts to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina and announced new efforts to funnel goods and services to affected communities.


From the State’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC), Granholm urged citizens to visit the state’s Website at www.michigan.gov for up-to-date information on how to donate goods, services and money to the relief effort.  Granholm announced a new Michigan Hurricane Helpline for citizens to pledge donations of goods and services and offer help.  Pledges of help will be cataloged and coordinated so that when the affected areas ask for particular assistance, the state can deliver immediately.  The Michigan Hurricane Helpline number is 1-888-535-6136.


“Citizens can help right now by calling our new Hurricane Helpline to report your group’s activities, to volunteer your willingness to donate goods, services and housing,” said Granholm.  “If you have a cash contribution – which is so critical at this moment – please visit www.michigan.gov to donate to one of the relief organizations listed.”


Granholm said the state’s EOC is coordinating all relief efforts underway in the state and is marshalling resources – from State of Michigan departments, private entities, private citizens, and local organizations – to ensure that Michigan support is coordinated and ready at a moment’s notice to be delivered in the most impactful way to the affected areas.  The State is also working to ensure that Michigan citizens and businesses are protected from the economic impacts of the Hurricane.  


The Governor announced earlier this week that she has suspended rules that restricted transportation of gasoline in Michigan.  The Governor has also asked Marathon Oil to lower its wholesale prices.  The State has received more than 1,500 complaints regarding gas gouging.  The Attorney General’s office is investigating. 


Granholm also announced that she is coordinating an on-air fundraiser next week for victims of the hurricane.  She has partnered with Michigan Association of Broadcasters to reach out to organize a statewide, simultaneous on-air fundraiser to support Hurricane Katrina efforts.


“All across our state, next Friday, September 9, radio and television broadcasters, commercial and public, will take part in Michigan Cares/Michigan Gives.”


This effort will involve on-air fundraising throughout the day with a particular focus on the

6-9 a.m. morning drive time.  Broadcasters will ask their listeners to call the Red Cross’ relief hotline to donate funds.  While the Michigan Cares/Michigan Gives fundraising effort will culminate in on-air activities next Friday, citizens can call and donate now.


Granholm has been briefed on numerous activities initiated by Michigan nonprofit organizations, churches, and businesses, and she pledged to support those activities.  


“We are all moved by the outpouring of support by Michigan citizens and organizations.  Outreach efforts like the one coordinated by the Legislative Black Caucus and efforts by local citizens to open Michigan’s arms to evacuees are true examples of the spirit of Michigan.”


Granholm said that her office is supporting efforts like those announced by radio-host Tom Joyner to coordinate “adopt-a-family” networks through churches around the state.  Her office of Community and Faith Based Initiatives is working closely with religious leaders around the state to coordinate help and to dedicate a portion of their weekend services to remembering our brothers and sisters who are suffering.


“There is one more way that citizens can help right now,” said Granholm.  “Say a prayer for the families, the children, the parents, the volunteers who need to know we are thinking of them and sending our thoughts to them.”


Granholm detailed actions underway in state departments to provide badly needed relief and to prepare for the potential arrival of disaster victims to the state.  State efforts are being organized into five key areas:


Security and Logistics Support


•  As commander of the Michigan National Guard, the Governor deployed nearly 500 soldiers.  Military Police are en route to Mississippi.  The Michigan National Guard has dispatched a water purification unit.  Two C-130 transport aircraft have been dispatched and two are on call.  The National Guard trucking companies are on alert as well.  Michigan State Police has K-9, SWAT, and Forensics teams ready to deploy


Housing Support


•  Available housing options are being catalogued through Department of Human Services (DHS).  DHS is currently ensuring that housing is available for evacuees who have already arrived in Michigan.  DHS is working closely with the faith community as well to identify housing and services.


Health, Human Services and Education Support

•  Health and human services and education services are being coordinated to ensure that children can be accepted into schools and that citizens have access to services.


•  Department of Community Health is coordinating with the Michigan Hospital Association to identify volunteer medical and nursing personnel and is preparing for possible immunization issues.  The Department of Human Services will expedite food assistance/food stamp rules for evacuees.  DCH is also delivering the message that the state will honor any out-of-state Medicaid cards.


Transportation Support


•  Department of Transportation is marshalling transportation services.  An MDOT bridge repair rig is ready to mobilize.  All charter bus companies in the state have been, or will be, contacted to determine capacity.  The Department of Education is working with local school districts to catalogue excess school bus capacity.  The Department of Military and Veterans Affairs has four C-130 aircraft prepared to mobilize to move evacuees.


Environmental Cleanup/Protection


•  Department of Environmental Quality is mobilizing 50 conservation officers with law enforcement capabilities and inventorying surplus equipment such as boots and waders. The Department of Agriculture is identifying veterinarians to assist with animal disease issues.


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